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One of my favorite things to do each morning is google great website designs from fashion houses. This morning I was curious to see the Minnie inspired? work of Zac Posen. With The Duke Spirit‘s, “The Step and The Walk” blasting in the background, a video of Posen’s fall/winter ’08 collection streamed from what looked like the entrance of a penthouse on Park Avenue. I felt like I was across the street sitting curbside watching the models strut down the runway.

Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2008 website courtesy www.zacposen.com

Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2008 website courtesy http://www.zacposen.com

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The Fall/Winter 2008 RTW runway shows wrapped up with everything from leather leggings to feminine floral prints. Of course the shows could not be complete without the beats of the newest musical artists for the models to strut to. My faves? Mark Ronson‘s, “Valerie” featuring Amy Winehouse (a complete mess but we can’t get enough of her unique voice) at Michael Kors and Lupe Fiasco‘s, “Superstar” at Christian Lacroix, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Fendi, Gucci, and Jil Sander (reigned from Coco Chanel to be a minimalistic genius).

Agness Deyn at Michael Kors courtesy www.style.com

Agness Deyn at Michael Kors courtesy http://www.style.com

Stan Jouk at Michael Kors courtesy www.style.com

Stan Jouk at Michael Kors courtesy http://www.style.com

Diana Farkhullina for Jil Sander courtesy www.style.com

Diana Farkhullina at Jil Sander courtesy http://www.style.com

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Every summer the Park family treks down to Hilton Head for a week of relaxation. For the past 2 years it was spent without me since I’ve been in New York trying hard to study, intern anywhere I could (being stuck in fashion closets, dressing models in 20 seconds flat for fashion week), and now working. I just read my sister Christina’s blog entitled, “From Start to Continuum” which made me feel like I was on vacation and left a smile on my face.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Time is Sweet

Of all the Park family vacations taken, I think this past one was the laziest. It was a wonderful time to enjoy the company of my dynamic family. There was plenty of food eating and beach walking, but all of it was done at a pace that left a lot of time for reflection. Reflection was only spurred on by a constant reminder to think and not just check out.

Things learned about family:

  • Playing board games with competitive spirits is bad for everyone involved
  • Walking up the stairs every time we leave our room only does so much to offset the massive amounts of food consumed.
  • Dad shares food, something not all dads are willing to do
  • 3 pints of ice cream, 2 boxes of frozen fruit bars, 1 box of drumstick ice cream bars, 1 box of frozen capri-sun is not enough frozen novelty sustenance for 5 Parks for 5 days
  • We love each other by grace

victory cheer

The princess and the pea needed 100 mattresses…
James Park uses 700

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During the Madfools in the Park concert on Sunday, I started taking pictures of all the people and noticed all the hats!

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Illumined Pleasures by Salvador Dal�.

Illumined Pleasures by Salvador Dalí.

The idea of being copasetic never created greatness. Surrealist Salvador Dalí known for his distorted melting clocks, defined a revolutionary movement in the world of art, creating canvases of non sequitur painted pleasures. Now on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art through September 15th.

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Who: Some of my favorite artists including: Santogold, DJ Diplo, A-Trak, Kid Cudi, Blaqstarr, and Mz Streamz.

What: Free concert.

When: Sunday June 20th from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Where: Central Park SummerStage.

Why: Because L.E.S. Artiste has been on repeat on my iPod and I couldn’t get enough of DJ Diplo after his mixes with M.I.A.

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After spending Saturday night getting ready to meet some friends in the Meatpacking district (puke I know…) I detoured and stayed in reading about socialite Daphne Guinness. While I was still in my stilettos and high waisted skirt, I read the article in Vanity Fair spotlighting her thoughts on clothes and her new venture with Comme des Garçons. Enjoy!

Study in Scarlet

Daphne Guinness is a fashion muse worth fussing over—but don’t.

by A. A. Gill August 2008

Daphne Guinness

Style icon Daphne Guinness, in Alexander McQueen, in London. Photograph by Michael Roberts.

There are people who dress up and there are people who dress down. There are people who dress badly and people who dress inappropriately. Some dress blindly or cheaply, and there are those who barely dress at all. There are people who wear costumes, and people who wear uniforms. There’s fancy dress and armor, clothes that say, “Come here” or “Stand back,” that whisper, “Trust me” or “Respect me,” that shout, “Fear me.” But there are very few people, just a handful, who have a relationship with their clothes like Daphne Guinness. The Guinness heir and fashion muse doesn’t dress up or down. She dresses out. Her clothes don’t say anything at all, because they’re not talking to you. They’re too entranced by Daphne Guinness. But she has never had a look, never once, never remotely, that was anyone’s but her very own. And now she’s making things (a shirt collection and a fragrance for Comme des Garçons) and selling things (a recent auction of her couture pieces raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for a women’s charity). But if you ever find yourself sitting next to Daphne on a late-night bus, in a soup kitchen, or in the waiting room at a tattoo parlor, for God’s sake, don’t talk about fashion. She can’t bear it. She doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

A.A. Gill is a V.F. contributing editor and author of A.A. Gill Is Away (Simon & Schuster)

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