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Da Milano il mio amore!

Now that I have downloaded the Style.com application to my iPod I can’t stop reading the reviews and looking at all the new pictures from the Milan show!!! Here is what I loved!!!


At first I couldn't figure it out, then I hated it's simplistic crinkled shined fabrics, then I started to really love it!

MILAN, September 23, 2008 By Sarah Mower

There was something fabulously Italian about all this shameless reveling in femininity. The fifties overtones, with the high chignons, the ruched bras, and swishing rear action in the below-knee pencil skirts, managed to channel the heyday of Cinecittà without cliché. Best of all, this is a collection destined to look even better on a woman with a real body than it does on a teen model. And that, Mrs. Prada surely knows, really is “what counts.”


I absolutely loved the detailed beading of Anna Molinari for Bluemarine. Perfectly stunning.

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Live, breathe, and love fashion like me? A new application on iTunes for your iPhone/iPod touch lets you watch videos like you are at the front row of the Gianfranco Ferré runway show in Milan!

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As I am watching Ugly Betty tonight with guest star Lindsay Lohan, I really can’t help but think that she is gorg! Also I got the new issue of Elle and here are the snaps of her photo shoot. I really love love love the 2nd picture of her under the Hotel Rossyln sign.

Crepe puff-sleeve tunic, $1995, wool and silk knit hat, $295, both, Burberry Prorsum. Lycra-blend leggings, 6126, $110. Pyramid bracelet, M+J Savitt. French rose-gold bracelet, price upon request, 1950’s yellow gold bracelet, $3250, both from Camilla Dietz Bergeron, NYC. Quilted leather boots, Christian Louboutin, $1030.

Lindsay Lohan in the October issue of Elle Magazine.

Lindsay Lohan in the October issue of Elle Magazine.

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The High Low | Minnetonka Boot, $32.95

Minnetonka ankle boot

Good style mixes high-ticket items with brilliant affordable gets. In this column, T’s fashion team finds the cheap and the chic.

What: Minnetoka fringed ankle boot
How much: $32.95 at Minnetonka
Who: Karla M. Martinez, T Magazine’s Women’s Market Director

This weekend while picking up a couple of extra T-shirts, tubes of travel-size toothpaste and other last-minute necessities for my trip to Milan and Paris for the fashion shows, it occurred to me that what I really need is a pair of good, comfortable flat shoes. I wasn’t so excited about the ballerina flats I found, and I wanted something that would look cute with dresses, skirts and pants. Last week, while leaving the Calvin Klein show, I met a showroom assistant on the street who was wearing a pair of Minnetonka fringed lace-up ankle boots. (She had folded over the tops and done some fancy styling with the laces.) Perfect! This season there are similar (dare I say Minnetonka-inspired) shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo, but naturally these come with designer price tags. The Minnetonkas are only $32.95, so I might even get them in both black and brown.


Street style: Karla M. Martinez (left) discovers a stranger with comfortable footwear — modified Minnetonkas.

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I just got home from watching, “The Duchess” and what a beautiful film, directed by Saul Dibb. In my mind, it was a fashionable capture of the 18th century aristocracy in Europe all adorned with fine ruffled silk frocks and sumptuously flamboyant hats. The screenplay was full of banter that was both witty and eloquent in revealing each of the characters’ nature.

The Duchess

The Duchess Georgiana played by Keira Knightly

The Duchess Georgiana in the beginning of the film was portrayed as such a crowd pleaser full of life and dreams. I kept seeing myself in her, as I too am full of passionate dreams and desires. Ultimately, the idealisms she carried inside of her faded away as life became about compromises. Sometimes I do wonder though if these thoughts only provoke creative nonsense which prevent us from useful, productive cognitions. When does a dream create your reality and when does it lead you into disappointment?

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Itching for some warm clothes this weekend I’ve been looking at all the runway shows from fall ’08. The trends that I’m going to follow? Black of course, skinny pants, tights, and a touch of sequence in my day wear!

Runway looks from Fall 2008

Runway looks from Fall 2008

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When Karl Lagerfeld was asked which Chanel bag he loved, his response was, “I am not allowed to have a favorite bag because I have to create the next one. I have to like change to keep it alive.” Lagerfeld has always embraced the new age movement in collaboration with his collections which included the first runway show to be streamed live online and available on podcast. So how does the designer keep the Chanel quilted 2.55 bag eternally sought after in every color and every fabric?

Rinko Kikuchi stars in Chanels cruise 2008 ad

Rinko Kikuchi stars in Chanel's cruise 2008 ad

Create a mobile art installation of course! The exhibit has been shown in Hong Kong and Tokyo and will arrive in New York’s Central Park – Rumsey Playfield October 20th to Novemeber 9th. Going on to travel to London, Moscow, and Paris. The best part is you don’t have to drop 3K, the admission is free!

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