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“The mind does its perceiving in terms of intensity of existence, profundity of significance, relationships within a pattern.” ~Huxley

I admire the ability to translate ordain instances into perceptive interpretations. The ability to recreate a feeling into art or to capture an experience into words. We are constantly surrounded by all things spontaneous to remind us that life is filled with beautiful images. Without these reassurances the monotonous tones would drain us from individuality and expression. These are the things I find beauty in, to exist, to interpret, to see.


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Sure you must look smashing walking around with that bottle of Fiji or Voss. Check out what Berlin based designer Johanna Keimeyer has created from these recyclable materials. Her work will be on display at Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turn, Italy till July 6th and then will travel to Taiwan and Nepal. What do you think about her work of art?

Volvic Lamp

Volvic Lamp 2007 60x45x45 made from Volvic bottles

Trashure 1

Trashure 1 2006 70x80x55 made from PET bottles

Selters Lamp

Selters Lamp 2008 made from Selters bottles

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