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Yes, I will embarrassingly admit that I own Juicy track suits but only because they are so comfortable to sleep in. I was admiring the new Juicy Couture store on 5th Ave. and was really blown away by their strong identity and  branding. Royal military mannequins dressed in plaid kilts, tulle, and covered in their signature velour. Basically I think Juicy is the only profitable company Liz Claiborne has invested in, although I think that Kate Spade might have a second coming. Gela and Pamela the brains behind Juicy have extended their line adding the trendy Couture Couture, a high end line targeting those trust fund babies (price points seem start at $1000). Hmmm… they seemed to have licensed themselves out.

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Most of my generation has grown up watching the Olsen twins on television. I must admit that I have always been drawn to their sense of style and interpretation of creativness. Mary Kate and Ashley have many projects under their wings including a clothing line named, Elizabeth and James but more recently, they have delved into writing a book entitled, Influence. The funny thing is that they bend the focus of their collection into a vignette of raw interviews of fascinating people who have shaped them, not the other way around. Their book fixates on people such as Jack Pierson, David Collins, and Robert Lee Morris who have influence their journey into developing their unique spirit. Eventually they reveal their ideas on creative distinction between feeders of the public such as Andy Worhol and more reclusive artists who don’t pay attention to the visions of the outside world. I can’t wait to get my copy of this book!

Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Here is an inspirational video of Stefano Pilati the designer of Yves Saint Laurent. One thing I loved was his quote relevant to life and fashion, “To be too much ahead is to be behind. The most important thing is to be right on time.”

New York Times: Stefano Pilati

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You would think the day after Lehman Brother’s folds and Merrill Lynch gets bought out, that the sales of LA manufactured jeans would fall but think again! I was at Coterie all day today and to my shock I could barely get through the aisles to see what new vendors were showing. Basically there was a bouncer at Rock and Republic asking for an ID for you to even look at their spring merchandise. Tons of orders were being placed at Paige Denim, AG, and I even attended an event tonight (Redesign the Rules with The Misshapes) that was all about new denim fabrics. Aside from the jean frenzy, I did notice a large presence of Japanese people at the fashion shows and trade shows. And what is up with the trend of Asian designers (not that I’m complaining but is it a fad)? Anna Wintour takes in Richard Chai and then there is Alexander Wang, Benjamin Cho, Peter Som, Chris Han, Doo Ri, Phillip Lim to follow?

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I’ve always known on top of all the fabulous shoes that Kenneth Cole is known for, his involvement in social issues have always made the statement. But I never really paid any attention to their outreach. I was shopping in Kenneth Cole the other day on 5th Avenue and came across their business card that said, “Publicly expose yourself. www.awearnessblog.com.” Check it out! It has some great articles about what is going on around us.

We all walk in different shoes campaign courtesy www.fashionforbreakfast.com

We all walk in different shoes campaign courtesy http://www.fashionforbreakfast.com

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A discussion about music with my friends led to the fact that many of the best bands come from the most prestigious schools. Take the band Weezer from Harvard and Vampire Weekend from Columbia. This led to the quirky and facetious Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach who make up Chester French who have been mingling with the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Chester French

Chester French courtesy http://kothelegend.wordpress.com

In an article in Fashion Rocks Magazine, Jacob Brown writes, “Wallach and Drummey shy away from their Ivy Laeague pedigree, avoiding intellectual or elitist conversation and, of course, any mention of Cape Cod. The guys aim for simple melodies and lyrics that express simple ideas – namley, girls and good times.”

“The Jimmy Choo’s”

Sign me up for a guy who has intellect without being narcissistic, has the confidence to wear Thom Browne, and can kill the guitar.

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Despite the fact that Smashing Pumpkins‘ frontman Billy Corgan demonstrates his daft sense of style with his signature floor length Prada-esque metallic skirt, striped socks and patent leather oxfords, fans of the band typically choose a more mainstream sense of style, opting for the comfort of a nondescript tshirt, Levis and Chuck Taylors.

The Pumpkins’ recent show at The Venue at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, only served to firmly establish the premise that the Chicago area Pumpkins fans really dont care or know much about fashion. The predominantly male audience of twenty and thirtysomethings looked more akin to those attending a comic book or gaming convention, with oversized tshirts, ill-fitting jeans and New Balance running shoes. A smattering opted for the suburban mall look, sporting the tired Abercrombie/American Eagle buttondown and Rainbow flips. A daring few attempted the L.A. look by wearing Affliction or Ed Hardy, but failed to realize that saggy Levis and running shoes really do not complete that look.

Advertising the fact that your entire wardrobe comes from tired mall stores seemed to be the theme, with the female crowd choosing to go with the Charlotte Russe/Forever 21/Delia’s look. Although premium denim was more prominent with the women, there were more than a few ladies that needed a gentle reminder that muffin tops are not a fashion accessory. The most common denim of choice was Seven, followed by True Religion. Style of denim did not vary, as the ultra low rise flared was the only visible jean style. The women mirrored their male counterparts when it came to the shoe choice, as most had on flips or running shoes. Those carrying purses reaffirmed the run-of-the-mill shopping mall selection, as Coach and Dooney & Bourke were the hands down favorites. Those choosing to break the mold carried Juicy Couture.

Admittedly, the Midwest has never been known for its cutting edge style when it comes to fashion, as most dress mainly for function and convenience. However, it is ironic that such a fashion iconoclast like Billy Corgan can draw such fervent Midwestern fans who derive such little wardrobe inspiration from their idol.

******OK I would have taken pics, but I had to go take the camera back to the car because they didnt allow any cameras in the place 😦 think cause its a casino venue…..

But it was so much like Lolla, yucky clothes on rank fat people. I had on a Missoni tank tunic with leggings and my lovely Lambertson Truex ankle boots and I swear people looked at me like I was from Mars. oh well, theres noplace like New York for sure.

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