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Live, breathe, and love fashion like me? A new application on iTunes for your iPhone/iPod touch lets you watch videos like you are at the front row of the Gianfranco Ferré runway show in Milan!

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When Karl Lagerfeld was asked which Chanel bag he loved, his response was, “I am not allowed to have a favorite bag because I have to create the next one. I have to like change to keep it alive.” Lagerfeld has always embraced the new age movement in collaboration with his collections which included the first runway show to be streamed live online and available on podcast. So how does the designer keep the Chanel quilted 2.55 bag eternally sought after in every color and every fabric?

Rinko Kikuchi stars in Chanels cruise 2008 ad

Rinko Kikuchi stars in Chanel's cruise 2008 ad

Create a mobile art installation of course! The exhibit has been shown in Hong Kong and Tokyo and will arrive in New York’s Central Park – Rumsey Playfield October 20th to Novemeber 9th. Going on to travel to London, Moscow, and Paris. The best part is you don’t have to drop 3K, the admission is free!

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You would think the day after Lehman Brother’s folds and Merrill Lynch gets bought out, that the sales of LA manufactured jeans would fall but think again! I was at Coterie all day today and to my shock I could barely get through the aisles to see what new vendors were showing. Basically there was a bouncer at Rock and Republic asking for an ID for you to even look at their spring merchandise. Tons of orders were being placed at Paige Denim, AG, and I even attended an event tonight (Redesign the Rules with The Misshapes)¬†that was all about new denim fabrics. Aside from the jean frenzy, I did notice a large presence of Japanese people at the fashion shows and trade shows. And what is up with the trend of Asian designers (not that I’m complaining but is it a fad)? Anna Wintour takes in Richard Chai and then there is Alexander Wang, Benjamin Cho, Peter Som, Chris Han, Doo Ri, Phillip Lim to follow?

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I was backstage at the Vivienne Tam show and there was some revealing that was going on but there were so many people around that I couldn’t see what it was. Today on Fox Business’ Happy Hour Vivienne Tam was on to market her design of the laptop in conjunction with HP. I want it now!!! It’s so pretty and matches all the peonies in her Spring 2009 collection!

Vivienne Tams design for HP

Vivienne Tam's design for HP

Vivienne Tams Spring 2009 runway collection

Vivienne Tam's Spring 2009 runway collection

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One of my favorite things to do each morning is google great website designs from fashion houses. This morning I was curious to see the Minnie inspired? work of Zac Posen. With The Duke Spirit‘s, “The Step and The Walk” blasting in the background, a video of Posen’s fall/winter ’08 collection streamed from what looked like the entrance of a penthouse on Park Avenue. I felt like I was across the street sitting curbside watching the models strut down the runway.

Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2008 website courtesy www.zacposen.com

Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2008 website courtesy http://www.zacposen.com

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One of my favorite emails I get each morning is from Daily Candy which contains the latest news about fashion, food, and books from major cities in the US. As I was laying out this afternoon in Central Park (oh did I mention it was 96 degrees and I was sweating like a wet dog?), I read the latest issue of Vanity Fair and found a clip of Daily Candy’s newest venture into books. The book entitled, “The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words That Don’t Exist but Should” is filled with made up words to describe everyday instances. For example one of my favorite lexicon is, “Dressed to Spill: adj. Used to describe a woman’s precarious and flirtatious state of dress, wherein a great deal more than cleavage will likely be revealed.” Why not spice up your conversation with a Daily Candy Lexicon?

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Imagine getting the latest fashion trends from this month’s Elle on your iPhone for FREE! Digital magazines are the way of the future and Zinio Labs has created a mobile newsstand easily accessed online. Another perk for standing in line for the 3G iPhone?

Zinio iPhone

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