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Karl Lagerfelds muse Lady Amanda Harlech.

Karl Lagerfeld's muse Lady Amanda Harlech.

Alexander McQueens muse Isabella Blow.

Alexander McQueen's muse Isabella Blow.

Tom Fords muse Carine Roitfeld.

Tom Ford's muse Carine Roitfeld.

Yves Saint Laurents muses Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux.

Yves Saint Laurent's muses Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux.

Marc Jacobs muse Camille Miceli.

Marc Jacob's muse Camille Miceli.

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Another day passed by as the gloomy clouds and sprinkles of rain lingered from above New York City. I spent the day at the Charles Nolan showroom amongst the modern galleries along the river in Chelsea. While I was admiring racks of his signature tailored dress shirts and organza pleated dresses, I noticed a painting by Margaret Keane. The big beautiful alluring eyes drew me into the soul of the painting and I just couldn’t stop gawking. The eyes told a story of intense emotion and wished I could read into a person’s total self by artistically capturing their eyes.

Kate Hudson portraying Keane in an upcoming movie.

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Yes, I will embarrassingly admit that I own Juicy track suits but only because they are so comfortable to sleep in. I was admiring the new Juicy Couture store on 5th Ave. and was really blown away by their strong identity and  branding. Royal military mannequins dressed in plaid kilts, tulle, and covered in their signature velour. Basically I think Juicy is the only profitable company Liz Claiborne has invested in, although I think that Kate Spade might have a second coming. Gela and Pamela the brains behind Juicy have extended their line adding the trendy Couture Couture, a high end line targeting those trust fund babies (price points seem start at $1000). Hmmm… they seemed to have licensed themselves out.

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Could Taylor Momsen be our new fashion icon? Who needs wacky Deyn?

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Most of my generation has grown up watching the Olsen twins on television. I must admit that I have always been drawn to their sense of style and interpretation of creativness. Mary Kate and Ashley have many projects under their wings including a clothing line named, Elizabeth and James but more recently, they have delved into writing a book entitled, Influence. The funny thing is that they bend the focus of their collection into a vignette of raw interviews of fascinating people who have shaped them, not the other way around. Their book fixates on people such as Jack Pierson, David Collins, and Robert Lee Morris who have influence their journey into developing their unique spirit. Eventually they reveal their ideas on creative distinction between feeders of the public such as Andy Worhol and more reclusive artists who don’t pay attention to the visions of the outside world. I can’t wait to get my copy of this book!

Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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I was reading some blogs today and ran across this hilarious post in NYMag.com’s, The Cut about Rachel Zoe. I will say I’m sad that her new reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project has already aired it’s season finale. She has this excessive boho thing going on which I’m totally into right now.

Will ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ See a Second Season?

The season finale of the not-so-warmly received Rachel Zoe Project is tonight on Bravo. The first season seemed so short — we can’t believe it’s nearly over. Then again, The Real Housewives of Atlanta just started and we suppose the world can only take so much shameless consumerism in These Economic Times. Indeed, New York Times television critic Ginia Bellafante called Zoe “a pox on humanity” and her “mad consumption … downright unseemly.” Sensitive Zoe — who cried when she found a post about herself on this blog — has memorized all of this, of course. She tells the L.A. Times:

“It was the strangest thing in the world for someone who has never met me to accuse me of making our society superficial,” Zoe says. “Judging the state of society based on me? A ‘pox’? This show is not an effort to solve world issues. It’s a bit of glamour, a bit of an escape.”

Or just another shameless spender for the world to joyfully resent/envy? However one sees it, the first episode’s ratings were better than the first episode of Project Runway‘s. So it seems rather odd that Bravo hasn’t confirmed if it will shoot a second season. “Nothing’s official, but if Bravo asks, I’d love to. I can take it,” Zoe says. Maybe you can, Zoe. But can the world?

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I haven’t been posting much since we have been experiencing this global failure in our economy. Basically I had a conniption (quite literally, I was yelling) about the whole mentality of my interest in fashion which I have decided to make my career. The exact thought process stemmed from the idea of superficiality, as the way we dress is the result of disgusting consumerism displayed as the outer lining of who we want people to see us as. Although my sole interest in fashion is not elitism, how does one produce great style without seeming narcissistic when fashion lives in an alternate universe filled with excessive primping of self image? Don’t get me wrong, I die when I see vintage Valentino, melt if I could wear Balmain, and dressing the part feels powerful but I would like to think its not my sole reason for purpose. With that said I am feeling this wave of ’70’s bohemian thing going on, excessive jewelry and flowery prints…

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