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You would think the day after Lehman Brother’s folds and Merrill Lynch gets bought out, that the sales of LA manufactured jeans would fall but think again! I was at Coterie all day today and to my shock I could barely get through the aisles to see what new vendors were showing. Basically there was a bouncer at Rock and Republic asking for an ID for you to even look at their spring merchandise. Tons of orders were being placed at Paige Denim, AG, and I even attended an event tonight (Redesign the Rules with The Misshapes) that was all about new denim fabrics. Aside from the jean frenzy, I did notice a large presence of Japanese people at the fashion shows and trade shows. And what is up with the trend of Asian designers (not that I’m complaining but is it a fad)? Anna Wintour takes in Richard Chai and then there is Alexander Wang, Benjamin Cho, Peter Som, Chris Han, Doo Ri, Phillip Lim to follow?


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Tonight I took one of my good friend Sun to the Chris Han show at the tents. The show was filled with a pastel and black color palette with pieces that were really last season like the high waisted pencil skirt. Ok so there were a few pieces that were embellished with sequences and crystals but honestly everything that came down the runway had already been done. I looked around and could feel boredness looming in the atmosphere. Inspired not to look like the models, we headed uptown to eat dinner and sat outside at a place called Cafe Fiorello’s. After ordering and cleaning off our plates… we decided to order a pizza. The people beside us were amazed as they had ordered the pizza for an entree and couldn’t finish it. Well needless to say we finished the whole margherita and started a conversation with the boys next to us about how much we girls can eat. I was instantly interested when he told me he was a fashion photographer from Brazil. Maybe things happen for a reason? And yes we sought out dessert after we left Cafe Fiorello’s… Woolloomooloo and pistachio Häagen-Dazs… champions!

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