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Since when has the ultimate accessory not been the latest Downtown YSL (adieu) or Marc Jacob’s Rana Pouch, but a $5 Starbucks venti skinny latte (no foam please)? I can’t help but notice plastered all over the gossip magazines how many celebrities are rocking multiple cups of Starbucks.

Olsen with Starbucks

This morning I left my apartment way too early for work and decided to stop by Starbucks for a refreshing unsweetened venti iced coffee and it got me thinking about the power of this brand. I thought how cool would it be to be able to have a drink here after work while reading a good book, listening to the mellow tunes of Jason Mraz? Then the name Starbar popped into my head. Starbar, easily marketed could be franchised all over the world and in every major airport. Why not be seen with Starbucks in the morning and at Starbar in the evening?

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