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I just got home from watching, “The Duchess” and what a beautiful film, directed by Saul Dibb. In my mind, it was a fashionable capture of the 18th century aristocracy in Europe all adorned with fine ruffled silk frocks and sumptuously flamboyant hats. The screenplay was full of banter that was both witty and eloquent in revealing each of the characters’ nature.

The Duchess

The Duchess Georgiana played by Keira Knightly

The Duchess Georgiana in the beginning of the film was portrayed as such a crowd pleaser full of life and dreams. I kept seeing myself in her, as I too am full of passionate dreams and desires. Ultimately, the idealisms she carried inside of her faded away as life became about compromises. Sometimes I do wonder though if these thoughts only provoke creative nonsense which prevent us from useful, productive cognitions. When does a dream create your reality and when does it lead you into disappointment?


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